Our Beginnings

Late in the summer of 2018, good friends Ketzi and Mariden joined forces to create MyFloretz for parents and girls just like you! 

As a mom to a tween girl, Ketzi was having trouble finding age appropriate products with her daughter Val when they went shopping for bras. Ketzi wanted her daughter’s experience to be positively memorable. And instead it was positively horrific! They couldn’t find anything that fit, nor anything appropriate for a young girl to wear. 

Out of frustration, Ketzi made a comment to Mariden about ordering bras. She wished she could just order parent and kid approved bras and have them delivered to her house.  

“Let’s do it!” Mariden replied. 

And just like that, MyFloretz was created.  

By two friends who knew and remembered well how frustrating being a growing girl is.  

We hope we can make your experience of growing into your new body a fun and positive one.  



Ketzi & Mariden