We run our business on 3 principles:
1. Offer age appropriate products for every stage of puberty.
2. Quality products that help not hinder growing bodies.
3. Be a trusted source for caretakers and girls.


We know this story is familiar to many parents and caretakers out there. A lovely girl in your life has started to develop and you just don’t know where to find the best products for her.

She has so many questions and you need answers to give her. What is the best way to tell her the things she needs to know. What are the safest products for her to use? How do you help her have a better teen experience than you had? And how will she grow to be a healthy adult?

That is why good friends Ketzi and Mariden came together to offer you a new option in the way to buy products for the tween and teen females in your life. 

The inspiration for MYFL Brands came from our own lives. As our co-founders daughter began developing Ketzi thought she was going to have a great mommy daughter bonding experience over bra shopping. What happened was the farthest thing from a wonderful experience. They quickly realized that finding an age appropriate bra for an athletically built girl was going to take a lot of time. And when Ketzi’s daughter had a growth spurt just 3 weeks after finding a set of bras, Ketzi knew there had to be a better way to shop for her daughter. 

We have all been through those vulnerable teen years, at MYFL Brands we are committed to making them better for future generations of females.