MyFloretz - Measurement Guide

Floretz - Measuring Guide

Size chart, click here.

First off, let's review why we even need bras in the first place!

• Bras are great for support, especially while playing sports.

• A well-fitting bra can cut down on physical problems like back pain.

• As girls develop they can feel more comfortable wearing a bra as coverage for their developing breasts. 

So called "training bras" differ from other bras because they often don't have defined cup sizes. Some girls might be comfortable wearing sports bras as their first set of bras. Breasts usually develop between the ages of 8 to 13 and can change size quickly or slowly. Also, the size of breasts can change when a girl menstruates versus when she isn't on her period. One more thing to keep in mind, some girls grow and have different sized breasts. There are ways to accommodate that in the bras you pick.

So, are you ready to measure yourself?! Ok, here we go:

MyFloretz Fit:

Measure along your rib cage, just under the breast area. If your number is an odd number like 31 or 33, round down to the nearest even number (in this case 30 or 32). This is your band number! Next measure around your body at the widest part of your chest, this is your chest size. 

You should be able to find your size down below on the size chart with these measurements.

Size Chart:

Pre-Teen Sizes
Size 8 

Chest: 23-24 inches

19 inches 

Size 10 

Chest: 24-26 inches

Under Chest: 20 inches

Size 12

Chest: 26-28 inches

Under Chest: 22 inches


Chest: 22-23 inches

Under Chest: 22-24 inches


Chest: 23-24 inches

Under Chest: 24 inches


Chest: 25-28 inches

Under Chest: 24 inches


Chest: 28-30

Under Chest: 26 inches


Chest: 29-31 inches

Under Chest: 28 inches

Teen Sizes

Chest: 28 inches

Under Chest: 22 inches


Chest: 30-32 inches

Under Chest: 25 inches


Chest: 33-36 inches

Under Chest: 27 inches


Chest: 38-40 inches

Under Chest: 29 inches