The Fuzz

We don't think that anybody really looks forward to puberty fuzz, aka hair. Except people who want to grow handle bar mustaches...maybe. And yet, it is just another change the everybody gets to look forward to. 

So what's the deal with the fuzz and how do you deal with it? Let's take a closer look.

Where do girls grow hair during puberty?

One of the first places that girls may see hair is around their labia, in the pubic region. This hair will be courser and can be curly. After that, this same type of hair will likely appear in the armpits. The same is true of leg hair. Over time all the hair on the body will become thicker. During puberty, hair may also grow and become more visible for some girls in other places too, like on their face or on their arms and hands. Finally, your hair can become more oily, since your sebaceous glands will be creating and pumping out more oil.

When does the hair growth start? 

Hair can begin to become more visible around 8 or 9. As kids continue to develop, the hair will continue to get thicker and more course. 

Do girls HAVE to shave?

There are no hard rules about shaving. Some girls are more comfortable shaving their body hair and some find other methods to maintain it. And others, don't shave at all! The decision to shave, and how often to shave if a girl chooses to, is completely a girls own decision.